Wet Nursing


Last night I was out at dinner with friends, nursing Young Sir, when my friend’s baby also got hungry. She had some problems nursing him when he was born, so she’s been supplementing while working on rebuilding her supply. I’d donated milk to her before, so I offered to nurse him directly and she let…
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Young Sir is Fourth Months (and a bit)

Four Months Old!

Young Sir turned four months of February 10. Being that I am now working full-time outside the home and that he’s a second baby, I haven’t had a chance to record anything about him in a while. At his four month check-up he was 14lbs 15oz and 25″ tall. That’s one pound heavier and one…
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Growing and growing


YS is 15 weeks now. Thursday was his first full day of daycare (I had afternoon errands to run) and Friday was my first full day back at work. It’s both harder and easier going back this time.  He seems to be doing well at daycare. He’s taking 2-2.5 oz per feeding with almost no…
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Three months old and first day of daycare


Yesterday Young Sir turned three months old. I can’t believe the time has gone by so fast. YS is growing so fast! He’s solidly in 3-6 month clothes now. We had a 3 months shots only checkup today (we do an extended shots schedule to make sure they don’t have bad reactions to shots the…
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Two months and a milk donation

Two months old!

On Thursday, Young Sir turned two months old! Darius and I took him to his first pediatrician appointment that afternoon. He weighted in at 12lbs 2oz and measured 22.75″ tall. Gaining and growing so quickly! After LP who was always in the single percentiles, it feels very different to have a baby who is in…
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New blog

For everyone following this blog, I finally did something with the main page of our website. It’s now a blog for our whole family (why yes, another blog…). This way I don’t have to figure out the best blog to put family oriented posts on. I’ll probably still write on this one and the Little Prince blog if I have something specific to share about an individual child, but this is easier overall. I also have it feeding in my nerdfamily tumblr posts, and I post there a lot more often that I write blog posts.


Healthy and Growing


Darius and I took Young Sir to his six week checkup with the midwives on Wednesday. We saw Joanne, which was nice because she was my attending midwife at his birth. First we chatted a bit and she asked me all sorts of questions about YS and sleeping and breastfeeding. I’m such a second time…
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Young Sir and the Really Bad Diaper Rash

On Friday, Young Sir started not wanting me to put him down at all and was getting very upset at diaper changes. Sometime that day, in the late afternoon or evening, I noticed little white dots all over the outside of his butt, down his butt crack, and on the bottom of his testicles. Then he started screaming when I changed his diaper. He’d had mild-to-moderate diaper rash before, but nothing like this.

By Saturday morning I was freaking out about it and dreading diaper changes. My over-extensive Googling said it was either a very bad rash, yeast, or an allergy reaction. Since I wasn’t sure what to do, I put in a call to the midwives at the Birthing Center. Joanne (the one who was there at YS’s birth) called me back and she said it didn’t sound like yeast. She recommended using just warm water and cornstarch, keeping him cloth diapers, making sure to do frequent changes, and see if it got better.

So that’s what we started to do. We have a little bowl upstairs for warm water and I found some small cloths that could be used as wipes. For going out I have a small container of cornstarch in the diaper bag and we have the wet bag for the used wipes. It does mean that diaper changes take a bit longer, we have to think about the set up, and we’re going through diapers much faster, but it’s worth it.

By midday Sunday, most of the little white bumps were going away. On Monday, YS actually slept through a diaper change (a huge change from him screaming at every one and being very uspet for a few minutes afterwards). By yesterday his butt started looking much better, it was even pink and not bright red in places. Today Bubbe (she’s been in town since Saturday afternoon), spent some time with YS on the floor giving him bare butt time (on towels and waterproof pads) while I showered (hurray!) and pumped. His butt has been looking even better since then.

So, probably not yeast or it wouldn’t have cleared up as quickly. But I’m still worried that we don’t know what caused it. And if we don’t know what caused it, we can’t prevent it happening in the future. Part of me still thinks it might be an allergy as I had something with peanuts on Thursday night (I never eat peanuts, I HATE them). Or maybe it was because I didn’t change him soon enough overnight Thursday night. Or maybe it just happened because he’s sensitive to something. Who knows. I just hope we can get to a point where we can use wipes and cream or powder without him having a bad reaction, especially because I think daycare will freak out if we tell them we can only use cloth wipes (the won’t even do cloth diapers). Well, we’ll see what the midwife says when we go to our appointment this afternoon.


Busy day

Young Sir and I had quite the busy day yesterday.

We all got up, got ready, ate, and we brought Little Prince to daycare. When we got home, YS was ready for a diaper change and was hungry. When he was done with that (and all the burping/spitting up that goes along with it), I was able to put him down in his swing for a nap and take a quick shower and pump for 10 minutes (got 6 oz). Then he started to get upset in the swing, so I took him out, changed him again, wrapped him, and washed some dishes while he napped in the wrap.

Then another diaper change and into the car seat to head to my work. It was our annual Thanksgiving Day potluck, which is always super yummy. I figured it was a good time to bring him by the office. Of course he got hungry as soon as we got there, so I put him in my wonderful Fidella wrap and nursed him while I was in line for food. No one could even tell. Everyone was really excited to see me the baby. And the best part is that my manager informed me that new company maternity leave policy means that I can come back a week later in January that we’d originally planned for. I’ll take all the time with YS that I can get!

On the way back home we stopped by the grocery store for a few items. Then it was nurse-nap time for both of us. After nap time we headed out and picked up LP from daycare. When we got home, we put YS in the stroller and walked to get the mail. Then Darius was home. He and LP showered while I nursed YS. Dinner was leftovers.

After dinner, YS and I headed out to a La Leche League meeting. The leader confirmed what I thought: an oversupply + fast letdown is what is leading to a lot of his spitting up and gassiness. It should resolve itself as my supply and letdown regulates and as YS gets older.

When we got home, I ate more leftovers, nursed YS, and then Darius, YS, and I got ready for bed.

Ok, done pumping for this morning (9+ oz, I knew I felt full today) and YS is starting to get upset in his swing, so I got to go. At least C brought LP to school today and Darius is picking him up, so we have nowhere to be.


Starting Bottles


Last Wednesday I started pumping once a day, usually in the morning. I would put 2oz in a bag for us and the rest would go into a bag to donate to my local milk bank. This week I added keep 2oz in a bottle in the fridge. I’m getting about 6-8oz at a time. …
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