24 week update

Hit 24 weeks over the weekend. That means Bae is the size of an ear of corn or something. It also means that if something were to happen Bae has hit the stage where he would most likely survive. So that’s good. But let’s all hope he keeps cooking until late October. 

I took Little Prince to my midwife appointment last week. He was so excited. I was hoping to show him the birthing rooms, but apparently they were all full (full moon that day!). We got to listen to Bae’s heartbeat, which was strong at 140BPM and then the midwife used the Doppler on LP so he could hear his own heartbeat, which was sweet. So everything is sounding good and measuring on target. The midwife said I’m doing everything I can for this horrible pelvic pain (chiropractor, trying to move carefully, support belt, etc.). She also told LP that I can’t pick him up all the time anymore, but he’s not really taking her advice ~sigh~. Next time I get to come in for the 2-hour glucose test…joy! 

Talking about chiropractors, I need to break up with my old one (instead of ignoring their messages) because I like this new one. The old one is further from work and more focused on sports medicine, which is great, but not what I need. The new one is much more focused on alignments, is closer to the office, and costs less per visit. Hurray. We’ll see if I continue to like him. If not, I have another recommendation that I can try out. 

Physically I’m doing well, except for the exhaustion and the intense pelvic pain. Bae is in there and is kicking up a storm every day. I still refer to him as a girl in my head sometimes, but it’s getting easier to think of him as a him.