Young Sir, the first two weeks

DJ holding BA.

Young Sir, as I’ve started calling him (to go with Little Prince), is now about almost two weeks old. I probably can’t remember everything that has happened since his surprising (to me) early arrival so here are so highlights as I can think of them. First, this recovery for me has been a million times…
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Nothing like I expected

BA just born

Benjamin’s birth was nothing at all like I expected. I figured having given birth once, I knew what I was in for. Boy was I wrong. First, I did not expect to go early. Since LP was a week late, I figured that Bae would be at least a few days late. As I said…
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On the clock

I wrote a whole post on Monday, but forgot to post it (edit: now posted) about all of the things that need to get done before Bae comes. Well, looks like that ain’t gonna happen.

Was really tired last night. Didn’t wake up until about 4am to pee. That’s about 5 hours of solid sleep right there! Got up to pee and the boycat started to vomit, so I threw him into the bathroom with me. Felt a little dizzy when I let go of him and stumbled a bit. Figured it was exhaustion (my whole team has been in Austin the past two days so it was a very busy week for me). Went back to sleep and LP came in around when I got back into bed and snuggled me a bit and then slept on the new twin we got about a month ago. When my alarm went off (5am) I got up and turned it off. I noticed the towel at the bottom of the bed and thought, something like “Oh good. There’s a towel around for when my water breaks.” Laid back down in bed and felt liquid just seeping out from between my legs. Thought at first it was just discharge (I’ve been getting a lot that). Tried to rest some more. Finally decided to get up and go to bathroom as nothing more was coming out. In the toilet I noticed that it was blood. FREAKED OUT. Called for Darius. He is amazingly calm in big situations. Called the midwife hotline. Was told to come in. Texted friends to see who could come over for LP. Neighbor down the street was just heading out the door.

Got dressed, we both texted/emailed out of work. Darius got a banana, my vitamins, and toast in me. Felt baby move a lot. Called KR who came as fast as she could. As soon as she came we left for the birthing center. At birthing center confirmed that wasn’t bleeding anymore. Midwife took a sample to see if my water had broken. It sure had. Got to see it under the microscope, which was really cool. Did a non-stress test where baby moved a ton, but still hates the doppler. Was sent home with instructions to pack bag and rest.

Let all family members, doula, and bosslady know what was going on. Basically I’m on the clock now. Contractions should start at any moment (still waiting!). They’d like me in active labor by 5am tomorrow morning, but it can be by 5pm tomorrow night. If nothing happens on its own by this afternoon, we’ll try to use natural methods (no sex since water broke) to get things started. If nothing is happening by tomorrow then we can start to come up with other plans. I just hope I don’t have to take castor oil or end up in the hospital.

So we came home and Darius made me eggs and I printed the packing list for him and figured out my maternity leave based on today (will go back to work after NYE with full time after MLK day. Will need separate time off for PAX) and set my away message. Helped him pack a bit (I was GOING to pack the bag this weekend while he, KR and LP went to Six Flags). Rested for a while in the guest room (easier to get out of the bed in here). My eyes wouldn’t stay open, but my brain wouldn’t turn off. So I decided to write this blog. I also goggled “lots of blood when water breaks” and found other instances where women’s water breaks before they are in labor and they see what they feel is a lot of blood. Usually with a sensitive cervix or something. So that was my water breaking and i’m much less worried now. For once google calmed someone down.

My doula should be here soon. We had an appointment today to do belly henna. I also want my toe nails clipped. I can’t reach them. So we’ll see if we can get through doing the belly henna. My sister is coming in today.

Ugh, I think this waiting is almost worse than waiting for labor with LP. At least with that one, when I went into labor it was waking up from a nap. This on the clock thing sucks because now I know he will be here by the end of this weekend. Come on body, just figure it out. Let’s meet this little guy.


To do before Bae comes


Had another Mifwife appointment this morning. Now measuring at 35 weeks instead of 37. Pretty sure that’s because Bae has dropped. I’m breathing a bit better and his head is certainly in my pelvis, so that’s all good. The midwife seemed very confident that since I went long with Little Prince, I’ll go long with…
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