Busy day

Young Sir and I had quite the busy day yesterday.

We all got up, got ready, ate, and we brought Little Prince to daycare. When we got home, YS was ready for a diaper change and was hungry. When he was done with that (and all the burping/spitting up that goes along with it), I was able to put him down in his swing for a nap and take a quick shower and pump for 10 minutes (got 6 oz). Then he started to get upset in the swing, so I took him out, changed him again, wrapped him, and washed some dishes while he napped in the wrap.

Then another diaper change and into the car seat to head to my work. It was our annual Thanksgiving Day potluck, which is always super yummy. I figured it was a good time to bring him by the office. Of course he got hungry as soon as we got there, so I put him in my wonderful Fidella wrap and nursed him while I was in line for food. No one could even tell. Everyone was really excited to see me the baby. And the best part is that my manager informed me that new company maternity leave policy means that I can come back a week later in January that we’d originally planned for. I’ll take all the time with YS that I can get!

On the way back home we stopped by the grocery store for a few items. Then it was nurse-nap time for both of us. After nap time we headed out and picked up LP from daycare. When we got home, we put YS in the stroller and walked to get the mail. Then Darius was home. He and LP showered while I nursed YS. Dinner was leftovers.

After dinner, YS and I headed out to a La Leche League meeting. The leader confirmed what I thought: an oversupply + fast letdown is what is leading to a lot of his spitting up and gassiness. It should resolve itself as my supply and letdown regulates and as YS gets older.

When we got home, I ate more leftovers, nursed YS, and then Darius, YS, and I got ready for bed.

Ok, done pumping for this morning (9+ oz, I knew I felt full today) and YS is starting to get upset in his swing, so I got to go. At least C brought LP to school today and Darius is picking him up, so we have nowhere to be.