This is a website for our second child. I figured I’d start a second blog for just this one, so it doesn’t feel left out. I’m sure I’ll be updating my other social media more often (see links on side), but for longer writing, I’m glad to have this space.

Main Cast:
Athene – mother. Primary writer of this blog.
Darius – father.
Little Prince, aka LP, aka Stree – our older son. Born May 28, 2011
Young Sir, aka YS, aka Bae – our younger son. Born October 10, 2015.

Supporting Cast
Bubbe – Athene’s mother
Grandma A – Athene’s step-mother
Pawpaw – Athene’s father
Tante – Athene’s sister
Bullit – Tante’s life partner

Grandma J, aka MIL – Darius’s mother
Aunt B1, aka SIL1 – Darius’s oldest sister
Aunt B2, aka SIL 2- Darius’s other sister
N – B2’s son, LP’s cousin
T, aka Niece – B1’s daughter, LP’s cousin

KR – LP’s godsmother
Auntie J – Athene’s good friend