Growing and growing

YS is 15 weeks now. Thursday was his first full day of daycare (I had afternoon errands to run) and Friday was my first full day back at work. It’s both harder and easier going back this time. 

He seems to be doing well at daycare. He’s taking 2-2.5 oz per feeding with almost no problems. I’m pumping plenty at work to keep up with this. He’s not napping terribly well though. Whenever another baby gets upset, he wakes up upset too. :( So he’s been coming home and basically sleeping most of the evening and at night (with wake ups to nurse and change). While I know he needs that, it’s hard because I’d like some awake time with him too. 


He’s just growing up too fast! Our last diaper squad pickup was on Thursday, so I had all the small prefolds washed and ready… Except they were getting hard to close around him. So this weekend I prepped the medium size ones and they fit nicely. I also had to go buy size 2 disposables. On the one hand I’m really impressed with how well I’m growing this kid. On the other hand, where is my little baby going?