Wet Nursing


Last night I was out at dinner with friends, nursing Young Sir, when my friend’s baby also got hungry. She had some problems nursing him when he was born, so she’s been supplementing while working on rebuilding her supply. I’d donated milk to her before, so I offered to nurse him directly and she let…
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Two months and a milk donation

Two months old!

On Thursday, Young Sir turned two months old! Darius and I took him to his first pediatrician appointment that afternoon. He weighted in at 12lbs 2oz and measured 22.75″ tall. Gaining and growing so quickly! After LP who was always in the single percentiles, it feels very different to have a baby who is in…
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Healthy and Growing


Darius and I took Young Sir to his six week checkup with the midwives on Wednesday. We saw Joanne, which was nice because she was my attending midwife at his birth. First we chatted a bit and she asked me all sorts of questions about YS and sleeping and breastfeeding. I’m such a second time…
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