Healthy and Growing

Darius and I took Young Sir to his six week checkup with the midwives on Wednesday. We saw Joanne, which was nice because she was my attending midwife at his birth.

First we chatted a bit and she asked me all sorts of questions about YS and sleeping and breastfeeding. I’m such a second time mom because I was all like, “yes, he is sleeping and waking and breastfeeding throughout the day for periods of time.”

She checked me out and said that everything looks pretty good. Top abs still have a bit of separation but bottom abs are almost totally back together. Breast tissue is healthy and all my inside parts are back where they should be and feel good. She did notice that I still have small hemorrhoids and also recommend that I get some pelvic floor physical therapy (I didn’t know people did that here. I thought it was a French thing) so we’ll see if insurance covers it.

YS was pronounced perfect. His diaper rash is certainly clearing up well. He weighted in at 10lbs 6oz, is 22″ tall, and has a head circumference of 14.25″. For comparison, at LP’s six week check-up, he was just 10lbs and only 20″ tall.

I got a little sad when we were leaving because it was the last time I would be visiting the Birthing Center for a pregnancy/baby related visit. From now on it’s all just well-woman checks for me (note to self – next one in a year).

Here is YS passed out after Thanksgiving Dinner and a post-dinner breastfeeding session.


YS is certainly communicating more about when his diaper is dirty, which is good as we’re working on changing him way more often. And I’ve gotten his hungry call figured out. We’re still working on taking a bottle well, sometimes he does and sometimes he doesn’t. He also has more alert periods of time. And he much prefers sleeping on people/in arms/in a carrier than sleeping in a swing/by himself on the bed/in his car seat if the car isn’t moving.