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38 weeks and Mother’s Day

Belly at 38 weeks and 2 days I passed the 38 weeks mark last Friday. I feel like I’m almost at the hurry-up-and-wait stage of things.

Last week I taught my last class and had my last full day in the office. Starting yesterday I’m mostly working from home, unless I need to go in. This is really helpful for me and I’m super thankful that my job is flexible enough to let me do this.

Physically things are going okay. I’m still in a lot of pelvis pain, especially when I move wrong. There’s also this spot in my right shoulder blade that likes to hurt after a little while. I thought it was just being at work all day, but it did it yesterday too when I spent the day on the couch. I’ll just have to figure out the right position to be in or switch it around a bunch. I’m tired a lot these days too. And last week my right foot decided that it would be fun to swell up randomly. Yet another reason I’m glad to be working at home with my feet up.

Mentally I’m doing well most of the time. I’m still nervous about the whole birth/labor experience because it’s so outside of the realm of anything I’ve ever experienced before. But I think that I’m pretty ready to be a mommy, which is something that I had trouble saying just the other week.

Stree is doing well. He has periods where he squiggles and wiggles around a whole lot and periods where he just likes to stretch his foot or his butt into my ribs (so much fun, let me tell you). He really liked last week’s episode of Glee.

At my prenatal appointment on Friday, I was measuring 37 weeks instead of 38 but I’m not really concerned because I think all of those things are estimates anyway. The really exciting thing was that she did a quick ultrasound to double check the baby’s position. It was the first time I’d “seen” him since the ultrasound at 18 weeks (right before Christmas). He is 100% head down (hurray!) and has hair. You could see the little spikes coming off the back of his head. So amazing. Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures and we couldn’t get a clear profile shot of his face because he was being shy and covering part of his face with his hand.

Monkey Bouncer The to-do-before-the-baby-is-born list is coming along nicely. Over the weekend we rearranged the baby’s room. I got the last of the stuff that needed to be washed and put away washed and put away. I even put together the awesome Monkey Bouncer all by myself (with only one easily fixable mistake). The nursing pillows and baby carriers are mostly ready. The last of the things the baby needs are in the bag to go to the Birthing Center and the list for the last minute stuff is on top of the bag. And I installed the car seat base into my car all by myself yesterday. The only thing I really don’t know where it should go yet is the “Whale of a Tub”.

There are tons more pictures of baby things on the Pictures page. For some reason I’m obsessed with taking pictures of everything.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to get to celebrate Mother’s Day this year since I’m not-quite-but-almost a mother. But we did. Darius surprised me with a PajamaGram. It’s a pair of superhero style pajamas that say “Super Mom” and have a CAPE! Then he made me eggs for breakfast. We also went out to dinner to our favorite hibachi place with B and the place gave me a rose because I count as a mom. All of it made me really happy.

Stree’s a boy!

On Wednesday Darius and I went in for Stree’s anatomy ultrasound. We decided to find out the sex and Stree cooperated beautifully.

It's a boy!

I knew it. I just had a feeling that this was a boy from very early on. From sometime close to when I found out I was pregnant. It was interesting, when the u/s tech confirmed it, I wasn’t even surprised because I just knew.

The rest of the anatomy scan went really well. Stree is developing well. He (ha! I can say he now) looks to be healthy, his face is well formed, his spine is spine like, his heart has four chambers, and all the measurements were good.


I think that Darius and I may have weirded out the u/s tech a bit. We said things like, “Is that the brain? Oh good, then it’s not a zombie.” and talked about how we were sad that he didn’t appear to be an alien or have horns or anything. Well, he did look a little like an alien (or part of a pirate flag) when we saw his face.

Stree's face

I was all excited during the ultrasound. OMG he has hands. OMG he has feet. OMG he has a spine. I was also starting to really absorb the fact that it was a boy. Started thinking about what that meant and stuff, for example when looking at the spine I realized that males are less prone to scoliosis than females (runs in the female side of my family). He was moving around and so active. We got to hear the heart beat again. Every time it’s so amazing. See the Pictures page for many more pictures from Stree’s ultrasounds.

Stree's back and ear

Darius was there next to the table the whole time and holding my hand for most of it. This was his first u/s; the first time he actually got to see Stree moving around (instead of just seeing pictures). He was pretty quiet at first (ok, he was also tired from a long day at work and the room was dark). Then when I started teasing with the u/s tech, he jumped in on that.

Still not sure what Darius thinks of all this. But he did say that it’s become more real for him now. While we were waiting at the airport to head to my father’s for the holidays, he went and bought a parenting magazine all on his own :).

As for me, I’m blown away by the fact that I’m going to have a son. At first on the u/s table I was a little worried because I have no idea what to do with a boy child. But now I’m really excited by it. A son. I’m going to have a son. Every time I think about it I just can’t stop smiling. I’m so excited about my son. It’s amazing. I know I’m repeating myself, but I’m just so overwhelmed with emotion and love for my son!!!

As for names, we have a few that we’ve thrown around and some that we really like. However, I’m sure more discussions will be happening in the next few months. We’ve decided that we’ll pick a top choice with a couple of runner ups just in case the name we pick doesn’t fit once we meet our child for the first time.

Random bits and pieces

Got my first belly band in the mail yesterday. Still figuring out exactly how to position it properly to keep my jeans up, but I am a total convert. I may even get a few more as they come in a variety of colors and if I take after my mother, it may be a another month or two before I really “pop.”

The other day I caught myself swaying back and forth in the shower under the hot water singing “Baby Mine” from Dumbo while holding my belly. Now I can’t get the song out of my head (and I kind of don’t want to).

When driving in the car and a song from a band I like comes on the radio, I announce who the band is so that Stree will have a good musical education.

In TMI news, I think my pregnancy related hemorrhoids are getting worse. Nothing really that I can do about that. ~sigh~ I guess it’s my trade-off for not having morning sickness.

Woke up this morning with my left shoulder aching and my arm asleep. Must have slept on it funny. Not much fun as it made morning cuddling with still-sleepy Darius not able to happen.

We have the anatomy ultrasound this afternoon, about which I am randomly freaking out in stupid and silly ways. Then home to clean house and pack to head out to San Diego to visit Dad and Stepmom for the holidays.

In the hands of nature

Went in to the Birthing Center last Friday to get the 12-13 week Fetal Nuchal translucency test. This is the one where they look at the fetus to see if it possibly has Downs Syndrome and take a blood sample also. Little Stree, wouldn’t cooperate. So I went back yesterday. Guess who wasn’t cooperating again. Did get some really adorable u/s pictures (including a Kermit the Frog looking one). But because of that, they also didn’t take my blood (a blessing?).

These were the options they gave me: I could call the ultrasound place that the Birthing Center I’m going to works with and pray they can get me in sometime around my schedule in the next two days, I could schedule the screening blood test at 15-20 weeks (but it has a high rate of false positives), or we could just let nature run its course. When I got home, I talked about the different options with Darius and, we decided on the last option. We figured that this was the Universe’s and the baby’s way of telling us to chill out and not worry about it. I’m 31, so the risk is not that high and I’d rather not take a test that could cause lots of stress and turn out not to be true anyway.

And now, fetus Stree as Kermit the Frog:

It's not easy being Stree

It's not easy being Stree

Why yes, I’m embarrassing my offspring before it is even born :).

Alive and kicking

Told the bossman I was pregnant last Thursday. We were swapping photos over IM of our trips to Chicago while on the phone. I told him that I had one more picture to send him and then waited nervously while he opened it. But he’s really excited for me. He’s never had anyone under him take maternity leave before, so this will be an experience for both of us. At least my work is very good at handling this sort of thing. I believe there were something like 14 or 15 people out for maternity leave this year.

Told the rest of the team (one had already guessed) on Friday afternoon at our team meeting. We were discussing the training schedule for next year. One of my coworkers was teaching, so once he finally showed up and we caught him up on what was going on, I mentioned that I did have one concern about next year. Then I turned my laptop around so they could all see the picture of the ultrasound from the other week. They were surprised :). Bossman had to put the picture up on the screen so everyone could see it (my team is all over the US, so we use video conferencing).

Today was my first appointment at the Austin Area Birthing Center. Filled out miles of paperwork. Right now we’re on a pay for it all ourselves plan. We’re trying to get this GAP coverage thing going on so that insurance will cover some of it (the Dr is in network, the facility is out of network…it’s all very confusing to me). Had an apprentice midwife with the regular midwife for my visit. They asked me some basic questions and already had a good knowledge of my chart and my paperwork from my original OB was there already. When they went to go feel for the uterus, they had a little bit of trouble finding it because I have good abdominal muscles and a little bit of padding over them. Also, based on the exam they were figuring that I probably had a tipped uterus (which I now remember is something the ultrasound tech from week 7 said too). They then had trouble using the hand-held thing to hear the heartbeat. OMG, I was definitely a little scared when they couldn’t find the heartbeat at first. So we went over to the ultrasound room and the ultrasound tech found the baby and the heartbeat with no problem at all and confirmed that my uterus is tipped backwards. This is actually very common and usually fixes itself right up when the uterus raises. It also explains why I’m not showing at all yet (but the pants are getting tighter) and why I have to pee all the damn time. And and and… I got to see Stree again. It looks more like a human now. It has a head with a face and a body and legs. I could see the legs moving and the heart beating. Stree’s heartbeat is VERY strong, 160 BPM :). Probably another 2 months until we find out sex. I tried to scan the ultrasound at work, but the scan sucked, so I’ll do it from home tonight.

Update: Pic from ultrasound

Stree at 11 weeks

Stree at 11 weeks


I am 11 weeks pregnant!

I know that you’re technically supposed to wait until the first trimester is over, but I just couldn’t wait to tell people anymore.

I’m due May 20, 2011. No, we don’t know the sex of the child yet, but we’re pretty sure that it’s human, which is a good start. Right now I’m just hoping for 10 fingers, 10 toes, and no tail (well… a tail would be cool… but probably not the best idea).

I’ve had a pretty good first trimester. No morning sickness, but some burping and cramping and a touch of spotting, all of which are perfectly normal. Also am tired and have to pee all the time and occasionally irrationally cranky, angry, weepy, or all of those other fun emotional things that go with wacky hormones.

Currently I’m calling it Stree (get it?). I had an ultrasound a few weeks ago and got to hear Stree’s heartbeat. It sounds a little distorted cause I recorded it by holding my iPhone up to the computer speakers and used the Voice Memo app.

I got to see it too. The tech gave me a copy of one of the pictures:
Stree at 7w

It’s head is on the left. The two little brighter lines to the right of the head (after the neck space) that look like a butterfly are its heart, which I could actually SEE beating. Of course being over three weeks later, it’s supposedly much bigger now. My app tells me that this week it’s the side of a fig or a plum or something.

I’m going to be a mommy in just over 6 months. Holy shit!

Life Form Detected!

Last week I had my first nurse visit where they took my medical history and then sent me for blood/urine work (fun fun!).

Tuesday I had my first visit with my OB and Darius came with me. Most of the visit went really really well. I like this OB a lot. She’s reading the Dresden Files too (any dr who’s reading the Dresden Files and knows what Tetris is is OK by me!). She said that I chose a good set of prenatal vitamins :). She also gave me a bunch more information. She told me that my numbers look good, and that all of the tests that were supposed to come back positive came back positive and all the tests that were supposed to come back negative came back negative. Yay! She was also totally cool about me listing that I had other partners and wanted to know where they were and if they’d be involved at all. She also noticed my pentacle necklace and said, “I noticed your star. Are you involved with any of the circles around town?” :)

I was very upfront with her about wanting to have a natural, possibly water birth, and that I was interested in the Austin Area Birthing Center. She said that she was okay with that and that the only thing she doesn’t like are people who are wishy-washy and can’t decide or who try to use her services and another’s services without telling her. She agreed with my plan to do a tour of her hospital and of the AABC and then make a decision. She also said that if I decided that I did want to go with AABC and then there was a major complication that they couldn’t handle, that if she could, she’d try to take me back, but she couldn’t guarantee that that would happen. I was glad that she was honest with me about that.

I had told the nurse the Friday before that I had started randomly spotting, but it was all pretty light. When the Dr went to take a look, she noticed the blood instantly and when she went to go take a sample of tissue from my cervix, it started bleeding the moment she touched it (which is NOT normal). So she took some more samples to see what is going on. She said a bunch of stuff that I don’t remember exactly cause hello, legs in stirrups. Something about it possibly just being yeast and something about pH balances getting wacky with pregnancy and then something with a name that I don’t remember that has to do with interior cervix cells moving to the exterior area (apparently they can do that). Well, she’s going to run the tests and tell me what’s up. But it actually made me less worried because now I know that they spotting is coming from the cervix and not the embryo.

Yesterday I had my first ultrasound to check everything out, especially cause of the spotting I’ve been having. Went in for the ultrasound and they put that goppy stuff on my stomach. But the tech couldn’t see anything cause my uterus is still tilted to the back (which is what the OB said the day before too when she felt around for it). So I went pee and then they did the internal ultrasound instead (you can’t see anything with an internal u/s if you haven’t gone pee first). The baby is in there and it’s normal looking. I got to hear it’s heartbeat. The moment the u/s tech played it over the speakers, I just teared up. That’s my baby’s heartbeat. Then she let me record it: stree_heartbeat_7w. It sounds a little distorted cause I recorded it by holding my iPhone up to the computer speakers and used the Voice Memo app.

I got to see it too. It’s was average length for 7w5d, which is exactly where I thought I was based on when I ovulated. The tech gave me a copy of one of the pictures:

First Ultrasound

It’s head is on the left. The two little brighter lines to the right of the head (after the neck space) are its heart, which I could actually SEE beating. Amazing! That’s my baby. I still don’t think it’s hit me yet.

Official due date is now May 20, 2010! Still not telling many people because there is still a risk of miscarriage, but that risk has gone down now.

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