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A somewhat general update

I have this problem when blogging where I feel like I “ought” to blog something or I’ll want to write about a specific topic or I’ll feel like I need to complete X before I can get to the post. And then the moment passes, but I still feel like I “owe” people/readers/the blog the post I haven’t done yet, so I don’t post because until I can post what I “owe” I shouldn’t post anything else. Well, I’ve decided that that’s dumb and I should just blog what I want when I want. So there.

The key-monster makes it hard to leave for daycare/work in the morning.

To that end, here’s a catch-up on a whole bunch of stuff that’s happened since my last post in July.

  • Darius and I bought a house in the suburbs. It’s huge and we love it. LP loves it too as do the cats. We’re very happy here (even if we’re still not unpacked)
  • I had to take a business trip away from LP and Darius for several days. Everyone survived. I came home with over 70oz of pumped milk.
  • To that end, we’ve been working on a slight bit of gentle night weaning, based on Jay Gordon’s method. This really deserves it’s own post, but in case I never get to it, it’s going okay… most nights.

Sound asleep

  • LP is still on the super tiny side of things (at his 15 month checkup he was 9% for height and 2% for weight)
  • He has 6 teeth (4 top and 2 bottom)
  • He’s becoming a bit of a picky eater, especially at home

Clam chowder is yummy

  • He has more words than I can count, still signs, and is picking up more every day
  • He’s really into any word that has a hard K sound at the end: snack, sock, clock, milk, book, and duck are favorites.

Overall I’m really really enjoying this age. He’s moving much better (almost running), climbing all over everything, loves to giggle and laugh and play. He talks a ton and babbles even more. Sometimes he says the word babble. He also just picks up new things so quickly. The other day I taught him to do the Tarzan beat chest and go “ahhhhh.” It’s hilarious.

And life in the suburbs has fallen into a routine of come home, nurse, make/eat dinner and then go outside and play with the neighbourhood kids, then bath and bed. We even got him his own scooter-bike to play on.

Which isn’t to say there aren’t problems. He still doesn’t eat a ton, especially at home. I think it’s partly because he doesn’t always get the healthiest food at daycare and partly because he always wants to nurse when we get home and dinner isn’t too far after that and then he’d rather nurse than eat most of the time on the weekend. I’m trying to not freak out about it. I know he’s growing and healthy and hitting all of his milestones (surpassing many) and since he doesn’t have molars yet it’s not like it’s super easy for him to eat everything, but I still worry. And of course, like all toddlers he is very fond of the word “no” and will occasionally “have big emotions.”

But overall he’s a total joy and makes his mommy and daddy very happy.

Adventures in co-sleeping

Over the course of the first few weeks of our Little Prince’s life two things became clear to us: 1. co-sleeping was 100% the way to go and 2. our Queen bed was too small for two grown-ups, one infant, a bumper on the side, a body pillow and the occasional cat or two. My mother made the suggestion of getting a twin bed for LP so that he will have it when he grows up and gets his own bed (we have the frame that Darius had when he was a child) and putting everything on the floor. The mattress arrived on Monday and after a day of airing out, it was good to go.

Our new bed setup:

Our new bed

The first night all the beds were together, I got LP in a deep enough sleep that I was able to wiggle away from him onto the Queen and he was in the middle of his bed. The middle of his bed was apparently waaayyy too far away for me to deal with as a first-time-mom, and I spend ages staring at him to make sure he was breathing. I moved him closer to the edge of the twin when he partially woke up to nurse and I was much happier for the rest of the night.

The second night I started out with him on the twin, but he was in a light sleep and was twitching and woke himself up, so I decided to pull him onto the queen since it has more room now that I’m not using the bumper or the body pillow. The third night was more of that. I think that it’s mostly a me thing. I’m sure LP is fine since night twitches are totally normal, but I miss him not being right up against me. Also, when he’s against me, I can hold him when he twitches and that seems to calm him down and keep him asleep longer…and I can feel him breathing. I know that he’s fine and technically he’s still right there with us, but after 8 weeks of having him snuggled against me every night after 9 months of sleeping with him inside of me, it’s kind of hard to let him go.

And now because it’s too cute not to share, our LP rocking a fauxhawk:

Rockin' the fauxhawk

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