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Weaning, Potty Training, and Moving Up

Lots and lots has been going on in our lives, so I don’t have a lot of time to post. Little Prince has definitely had a lot going on as it comes to milestones as well.


No, Little Prince isn’t done with his mommy milk yet, but it is getting less. In the weeks leading up to his third birthday we talked a lot about how when he turns three he’ll only get mommy milk in bed. The day before he turned three we had our very last post-daycare/post-mommy getting home from work breastfeeding session. It was really bittersweet for me because we’ve always done this since LP started daycare. It’s been our way to relax and reconnect, even as the sessions went from nurse-napping for 45 min – an hour down to three-five min a side.

Very last post-daycare and work breastfeeding session.

Of course the next day when I reminded him that now that he was three we only nurse in bed, he immediately said that he was tired and that it was bed time. I didn’t fall for it. Since then, he’s tried that a few times, but it hasn’t worked and he usually doesn’t ask for mommy milk during the day at all. That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t try to put his hand down my shirt all the time. ~sigh~

Night weaning is also (mostly) complete. Sometimes when he comes into our bedroom in the middle of the night he’ll ask for mommy milk, but when I say no, he usually just snuggles in and falls asleep. Most nights he just falls asleep. Of course, since I’m no longer dream-nursing him before I get out of bed in the morning, now when he wakes up he wants “wake-up milk,” but that’s usually no longer than 10 minutes or so total (weekends are lazy and a different story).

At bedtime, he always asks for mommy milk, but sometimes he forgets to at first while we’re reading a book. Lately he’ll sort of pop on and off as we’re reading. When the lights go off, he’ll rarely fall asleep nursing, usually only if he hasn’t napped that day. Some nights he’ll stay on one side until Darius comes in to take over after 30 min. Some nights he’ll flip back and forth, and some nights he’ll nurse for a while and then pop off and try to settle down himself. It’s hard to predict what he’ll do on any given night, but he almost never seems upset when I take the milk away. So that’s good.

I think given his druthers, he’d probably breastfeed more often that I let him. If he sees me topless, he’s likely to say “nom nom” or make motions toward my breasts or something like that. When I asked him recently how long he’s going to have mommy milk for, he said until he was five. Now, I’m all for full-term breastfeeding, but I’m pretty sure at this point that I’d be a lot happier with fully weaning closer to 3½ than 5.

Potty Training

Well, Little Prince has been mostly in underpants for three months now. He’s had very very few pee “oopies.” He’s at the point where, except for overnight and for naps at school, he doesn’t wear diapers at all. And he’s stated that he’d rather wear underwear than diapers.

To help with potty training, we got him a Kiddyloo potty for upstairs and one for downstairs.


I really like them for a few reasons. They let him climb up onto the toilet easily, they give him somewhere to put his feet so they don’t dangle and he feels more secure, he can stand up on the step to pee in the toilet that way (he only has a few times), and they fold up really easily when an adult needs to use the toilet.

The problem we’re running into with all of this is that with the exception of a very few times, he refuses to poop in the potty. That’s not quite accurate. It’s more like if we catch him before he has to go then he’ll go in the potty. If we don’t, then he’ll come tell us as soon as he’s finished (which is better than not telling us at all, I guess). So we’ve started a potty chart. Every time he poops in the potty he’ll get a sticker. When the sticker covers the present, he’ll get the present.

potty chart

He gets the concept of this and was super excited to receive his first sticker…but it still hasn’t made much of a behavioral change. Hopefully with time he’ll figure it out. In the mean time, we’ll just keep doing lots of laundry. I swear, that boy has 16 pairs of underpants, but between having extras at school, having extras in his backpack, and going through two or three (sometimes) a day, I feel like we’re always running out of underpants for him.

Moving Up

We got the notice last week that Little Prince is transitioning up to the next classroom at daycare this week. Was a little confused about this as he’s only been in his current room for about four months and I thought that they had to be potty trained to move up. But apparently his teachers say that he can do the work. And when he was visiting the room yesterday he actually pooped in the potty there, which they also say sometimes happens; the kids just get it in the next room. He already has friends in that room and some of his other friends will be moving up around the same time, so I think he’ll be happy. It still just struck me as a little strange.

Also in moving up news, LP’s feet grew a lot recently. At the start of this summer he was in 6.5 sized shoes. About a month ago one of his 6.5 pairs didn’t fit well anymore and I started to notice that his toes were getting close to the edge of his size 7 sandals. So we went by the shoe store and his feet were measuring 7.5 range. We ordered 8s just to make sure he has room to grow. With feet growing this much, maybe we’re in store for a growth spurt soon.

He also had another language explosion recently and is really expressing himself and telling stories. So, while sometimes he is a very frustrating three year old, sometimes he is truly awesome and a total delight and joy. Here he is in one of his favorite games: Little Prince drives around and mommy or daddy pretend to be zombies and try to catch him. At least if the zombies ever do rise up, he’ll be prepared.


Battle of the -Ups

Recently Little Prince has been trying out using the potty more often. He’s also gotten much more squirmy during the diaper change, even though we’ve been doing standing diaper changes for a while now. So recently Darius and I decided to switch over to diapers that LP can step into.

At home we just pre-snapped the bottom snaps of our pocket diapers, which allows us to pull them up just fine (mostly). Sometimes I do unsnap them right at the last moment and put them on as I would have before. Sometimes when pulled up they kind of get bunched funny and need to be unsnapped and refastened. But overall that works.

Little Prince’s daycare doesn’t take cloth diapers (I think I’ve mentioned this before, and how it’s really one of the only things that disappoints me about where he goes). So for there we had to switch from Pampers Cruisers, which we’ve been using very happily for a while now to either Huggies Pull-Ups or Pampers Easy-Ups. I’m sure there are other pull up style diapers from other brands, but we can get these two very easily. I looked online for comparisons, but I can only seem to find comparison blogs for the girls styles. And since the boys styles are different, I figured I’d write my own.

I’d like to make a quick note here that while I’m generally against the over-gendering of products that we have for children (why can’t I just see ALL of the shoes for toddlers in one place?), I understand the need for this product to be differentiated by sex, as it allows for specialized leak protection. I just wish the designs weren’t so gendered.

Pull-ups vs Easy-ups

So here they are side by side. The Huggies is on the left and the Pampers is on the right. Huggies got in bed with Disney first and so the Pull-Ups are all Pixar characters: Sully & Mike, Lighting McQueen & Mater, and Buzz Lightyear & one of those alien guys from the arcade. Pampers Easy-Ups has Diego with a soccer ball and Diego with dragonflies (with LP keeps calling butterflies). So for visual characters I think that Huggies wins this round…unless you have a child who is terrified of monsters and refuses to wear the ones with Sully on them. Which did happen for a while in my house. We can all thank Darius for trying to show LP Monsters, Inc before he was ready for it for that. The other problem with a variety of characters instead of one character in different scenes is that your toddler might start to insist that he only wants to wear Buzz Lightyear.

Both of the diapers have wetness indicators. The Huggies have the trophy and the Pampers have something, maybe soccer balls? Whatever it is, it is printed lighter than the Huggies which makes it harder to tell/use.

Pull-ups vs Easy-ups Pull-ups vs Easy-ups

Now let’s look at size. These are Huggies 2T-3T and Pampers size 4, which claim to fit about the same sized child (18-34lbs/16-34 lbs). Looking at the pictures of one on top of the other, we an see that the Huggies are wider and shorter and the Pampers are taller and skinner.

Pull-ups vs Easy-ups

Even with the wings (sides) pulled out, the Huggies is wider than the Pampers.

Pull-ups vs Easy-ups Pull-ups vs Easy-ups

Here is a side view of both diapers. Again, the hight difference is obvious, as the Pampers (on the right) comes all the way up to Cthlooloo’s head and bunches there. These pictures also note to other differences. Pampers is longer from the bottom of the diaper to the leg opening (a little harder to tell on the white-on-white Huggies, but it’s true) and Huggies have “easy-open” sides that work like velcro, where as Pampers do not.

Pull-ups vs Easy-ups

Huggies easy-open sides mean that you can open the diaper and close it back up again if you need to. Pampers you have to rip open to open them up and they do not go back together (unless you get out the glue…but with an active toddler you’d probably end up gluing the diaper to the toddler or your hand or a toy or…). While I thought I would like this feature in Huggies, I’ve found it often catching the side of Little Prince’s pants, so the diaper comes half way open as I’m pulling his pants off. Not exactly something I want to happen. However, it does make it easier to quickly take off a soiled diaper.

Pull-ups vs Easy-ups

Here are the two diapers opened up. Not sure if you can see that the middle bit of the Pampers is folded over more cause it is deeper, but it is. Also not sure if you can see how the Huggies opens easily and the Pampers is ripped open. One of the things you can see when the diapers are open is that the Huggies design is more visible through the inside than the Pampers design, especially in the back. This is because Huggies has separate Pull-Ups for daytime and nighttime where as Pampers Easy-Ups are for both day and night use. I only have the day Huggies because we’re still using Pampers Baby-Dry (not -Ups style) for nighttime. So daytime Pull-Ups are definitely more lightly padded than anytime Easy-Ups. Field tests confirm this as the only time in recent times that Little Prince has leaked through his diaper at daycare was when we sent a pack of Huggies daytime Pull-Ups. When we switched over to Pampers Easy-Ups, we haven’t had any leaks. Then again, Little Prince runs on the tiny and skinny side of the scale, so maybe it was just the dimensions fitting him better instead of the amount of padding.

So overall, I’d say that while I’d like to like/use Huggies Pull-Ups, I think we’ll stick with Pampers and use Easy-Ups. They fit Little Prince better, he doesn’t leak in them as much, he doesn’t show design preference as much, and so far they work well for us.

Eighteen Months!

Our Little Prince turned eighteen months old last week. That’s a year and a half of this awesome little person being in our life. We had our 18 month check-up and while the pediatrician said he looks like he is “filling out,” he’s still a tiny guy: height 30¼”, weight 19lbs 12oz. So in six months he’s grown about 2 inches and put on almost 1.5lbs. Somehow it seems more reassuring that he is growing when I look at it like that.

Eighteen Months Old!

Here’s a bullet list of 18 things about LP at 18 month, interspersed with a whole bunch of pictures and videos.

  • Lately he’s been putting words together with alarming regularity. We have “cold outside”, “school bus”, “Ernie eat”, “That’s a kitty”, and my favorite, “Mommy made apple pie.” He’s also hitting the “my/mine” stage full on.

  • At daycare they’ve started sitting him on the toilet twice a day. So we got a little potty and LP really loves to “sit on the potty.” Hasn’t “used” it yet, but we’re getting the idea.
  • He loves to help around the house. He’ll stir stuff in a pot, wash dishes, and sweep the floor.

  • There were a ton of leaves in our front yard so I raked them into a pile and we played in the leaf pile for a while. Yes, he’s wearing shorts and a t-shirt. I’ll take my 100° summers to have 80° in December.

DJ plays in the leaves

  • He loves books, Star Wars/R2D2, Elmo, Cookie Monster, and Ernie. He also went nuts when we showed him some of the Aristocats because he could identify the animals and had to tell us about them.

  • We are working on being the very best nerd-parents/totally messing LP up forever. He can say “die” and “dice” which is cute in general, but when he turns to me and says “mommy, die” it’s a little weird out of context. Although when he said “tante, die” while we were Facetiming with my sister it totally made my night!

  • We’ve also taught him to clench his fists and yell “Khaaaaaaan” which is just super adorably cute. (Still working on getting video of that one).
  • He’s still nursing a ton, although the “milk is asleep” from when he falls asleep until 2am is working out pretty well. Sometimes when he wakes up before 2am and I tell him that “milk is asleep” and he gives me this “No” wail that reminds me of Luke being told that Vader is his father.
  • He’s also eating more. I try not to be worried when he’s not interested in food at dinner time, but it can’t always be helped. Then I remember that he eats well at daycare and he has a snack on the way home from daycare and also breastfeeds for a bit when we first get home.
  • He still loves apples more than just about anything. He also likes sweet potato fries, sweet potato puffs, crackers, turkey (but not chicken as much), pasta, blueberries, and strawberries.

Fingerpaining with cranberry sauce

  • LP can go up and down stairs. When he says “up the stairs” it kind of sounds like “apple juice.”
  • On that note, he had a big tumble down the stairs the other day. I thought he was at the bottom of the stairs, I turned around, turned back and he was half way up them. Then he turned around to see me, and lost his footing. He rolled down about four stairs sideways before I got to him. Picked him up and assured him he was fine. Breastfeed him for a bit, and then we went down and up the stairs again to make sure he wasn’t afraid of them.
  • He currently has four top teeth, two bottom teeth, and a third bottom tooth is part way in.

DJ Smiles after a bath

  • He loves slides. At the playgrounds he’s figured out how to go up the stairs, over to the slide, and go down it.
  • Like his father, he’s a “reaction junkie.” If I react to something he does and he finds my reaction funny, he’ll do it over and over again to try to get the same reaction. He loves to blow raspberries on my tummy. The other day he tickled my knee and when I squealed (I’m super ticklish) he did it again and again all night.
  • His favorite game to play with us is “boo/hi.” He’ll hide behind something, such as the couch or a wall, and then jump out and say “hi” or “boo.” It’s so cute!
  • We’re trying out All-in-Ones/Pocket diapers again because a. I’m tired of using disposables when we go out and b. he doesn’t need to be changed as often as when he was 3 months old and will tolerate a wet diaper more. So far so good. We’ve purchased a couple of the very nerdy diapers over on Seams Geeky, because who can resist Final Fantasy and glow-in-the-dark Tron diapers?
  • I currently have four baby carriers in the house, but one I don’t use any more (the Moby) and one I’m borrowing from Austin Babywearers. There’s another one I’m lusting over. I may have a small problem. But he likes to be worn and I still like to wear him.

Hat and gloves made by grandma

In closing, in case you are thinking about getting him anything for this holiday season, here’s his Amazon wishlist. Clothing is also always appreciated. He’s at that stage where he’s in between the 12 and 18 month sizes.

Cloth Diapering

Finally, my long-promised (mostly to myself) post about cloth diapers.

For the first few months of our Little Prince’s life, we used a diaper service for our cloth diapers. We were able to do so thanks to the generosity of our families. Diaper services are awesome! They give you a stack of diapers and at the end of the week they take away all of the nasty ones and give you clean ones! They also lent us a Snappi and some covers. We quickly learned that we needed more Snappis and covers and so we bought some of our own.

However, we soon realized that with daycare not willing to use cloth diapers (boo. This is the only thing I don’t like about his daycare) the diaper service was no longer worth it. So we (meaning my mom and I) started looking into different kinds/styles/etc of cloth diapers.

My first resource was these set of blogs from my ex-co-worker Laura. She goes into a lot of detail of different kinds of diapers and how to clean them and all of that.

We ultimately decided to stick with prefolds with a snappi and a cover. My favorite prefolds are from Green Mountain Diapers. They can be pretty expensive, and I was super thankful that my family was once again willing to pitch in and start us off with two dozen GMD yellows. As we were getting ready to move from the yellow to the reds (you know what size a prefold diaper is by its stitching), we got lucky as GMD had a seconds sale so I was able to get a dozen that way. Then I found another two dozen via Diaper Swappers. I couldn’t tell you why most of the seconds were seconds and the ones we got from Diaper Swappers were in amazingly excellent condition (I think only two or three had even a hit of stains). So now we have three dozen of the reds. We also have about 2 dozen regular infant sized chinese prefolds, which make FANTASTIC burp cloths and are pretty much all we use them for (well, that and putting them on the changing table in case LP decides to  pee or poop while being changed).

Red GMDs with a Snappi

LP in a red GMD with a Snappi

Side not: yes, that is a Pee Pee Teepee in the background. I thought they were silly too…until I learned how far his stream can go. Now I think they are awesome.

I have found my favorite covers to be the Thirsties Duo Wraps. We bought the size 1s when LP was just born and because of the way they size up, he still fits into them. They come in cool colors and patterns (owl pattern, I have my eye on you!) and as long as you make sure everything is tucked inside, they almost never ever leak anything out of them. No, really. We’ve had poops that I’m sure would have been total blow-outs in disposables that leaked around or up and over the prefold and were caught by the cover.

In a diaper cover

LP in a shirt and yellow Thirsties diaper cover with the Happy Apple

For a diaper pail, we use a large Thirsties Wet Bag inside of a simple trashcan. We have two of them so that if one is in the wash, we still have another one. These wet bags will actually tumble all of the diapers out of them in our washing machine, so I don’t even have to touch the dirty diapers! We put a deo-disk at the bottom of the pail to help with the smell. It works ok. I’m thinking of finding an alternative solution.

For washing the diapers, we use Rockin’ Green. We have hard water so we use the Hard Rock “Rage Against the Raspberries” formula. We start out with one wash on cold with no detergent. Next we do a hot/sanitize wash with about 1 and a bit scoops of detergent and an extra rinse. Sometimes I do another rinse and spin after that just to make sure all of the detergent is out.  Then we dry them in the dryer on high/anti-bacterial. The only time we had a problem with LP’s butt reacting is when we forgot the extra rinse. I know some people like to hang dry their diapers, but I don’t have a line in my back yard and the dryer works just fine.

As for the disposables, we use Pampers Swaddlers at daycare and Pampers either Swaddlers or Baby Dry overnight. At first we were doing cloth overnight, but LP hated to be wet at all and so by going to disposables at night, we don’t have to get up and change him, especially since he’s pretty much stopped pooping overnight.

Lastly, I came up with this last night as I was trying to get a diaper on a wiggly post-bath baby and posted it on FaceBook. I called it the Fugue For Diapers:

I got the diaper here,
It goes over right over your rear
And it’ll help to keep your bum quite clear.
Can do, can do, this diaper it can do. Can do can do.

I got the Pampers, why
Cause it’ll keep ya dry
Though sometimes the stink can attract a fly.
No leaks, no leaks. All night with no leaks. No leaks, no leaks.

How old is Damien?
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