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Well…that was a night…

Last night was probably one of the worst nights we’ve ever had.

Darius was out for the night so it was a special Little Prince and mommy night. It started off just fine. No problems with pick-up from daycare, the ride home, making dinner or anything. Since he was being so cooperative, I even let LP watch an episode of Octonauts (his new favorite show) while we had our quesadillas. Then he had a juice pop for dessert and we FaceTimed with Bubbe until part way through his bath.

After that is when things turned ugly. While it was time to wash his hair and wash up, he decided that he had to throw every toy into the tub. I basically had to corner him to wash his hair and wash his body. He kept throwing toys up into the air and into the tub. It was hard to even get him to put them all back. I ended up pulling him out of the tub (after he was rinsed) without him putting them all back and not letting him back in it.

Then it was a fight about clipping his nails. He refused to let me do it, even though he’s been so good about it lately.

He was all over the place in his room for pajama time and then he didn’t want to brush his teeth with me. We were in the bathroom and he purposefully scratched me. So I put him in his room with the door closed. He started throwing things at the door. I let him know that I was going to brush my teeth without him and he didn’t seem to care, so I did.

My memory of what happened after that gets fuzzy. I do remember that he lost media time for today and tomorrow. Then he lost books. At one point I actually turned off the lights and held him on the bed tightly, but he was squirming and crying and said he really wanted to brush his teeth. So I brought him into the bathroom to brush, but he was so upset (and he wasn’t going to get his app that he normally uses, re: media time) that he had trouble brushing. Somehow he did brush a bit and then he wanted books. When I said no, he kept turning the lights back on. So when Darius got home, he found me sitting outside LPs room on the floor and the lights still on in LPs room. It was now almost an hour and a half since the bath was over. When I went to check on him (I was sure he was asleep by now as I hadn’t heard anything from the room in ages), he was just sitting on his bed staring at the door. He still demanded books and so I left him in there again and went to talk to Darius and take care of the cats. I was so angry and upset that I was almost in tears. I went back up and found him lying partially on the bed. So I turned off the lights, pulled him to me and held him. He cried and flailed and then I cried too because I was so upset and because at 8 months pregnant and with SPD, I can’t/shouldn’t be picking him up and hauling him around. With both of us crying and snuggling, he finally fell asleep snuggled against me.

Thankfully this morning and this evening/night were mostly better. We did let him know that if we started to have another night like last night, it was going to be a daddy and not a mommy night. We did have some trouble with him staying in his chair at dinner time, but things ran much smoother (or about as smooth as they always do).

I’m not really sure where all of this came from. I think some of it may be the normal 4/4½ year old boundary testing. Darius thinks it’s partially because I let LP negotiate/push back some when I think it’s a little thing and not worth arguing about, but to LP everything is a BIG thing so he can’t tell the difference. And I’m sure some of it is the fact that I’m pregnant and there’s going to be a baby in the house in (probably) less than six weeks. Whatever it was, it wasn’t pleasant and hopefully times like this will be very few and far between.

Parent-Teacher Night

Last night KR came over to watch Little Prince and Darius and I went to LP’s daycare’s Open House/Parent-Teacher night. They didn’t communicate about it well, so there weren’t a lot of parents there. The only other parent set who came (as opposed to just a mother or a father) brought their kiddo, even though they weren’t supposed to. Anyway, we went over his school/classroom rules (which most of us already knew or partially knew) and then the lead teacher of his room took us around the room and showed us some of the material and work the kids do. I could tell the teacher was very nervous talking to us as she kept jumping around during the first part of the presentation. The second part definitely went on too long. While it was really nice to see the different kinds of work the kids do and how they use the materials, she had an urge to show us everything. I’ve noticed this trend with my own mother, who is also a Montessori teacher. Once they start showing you the work, they have an urge to do the entire lesson. Which is great, because it means that they really know how the material/lesson works, but can become tedious for adults who get the concepts and want to move on. I could tell that Darius was getting annoyed, but when I mentioned to him how hard it is for a Montessori teacher to only give part of a lesson, he totally got it. Anyway, I could tell that his teachers really know what they are doing when it comes to the Montessori work and that they really love working with the kids.

At the end of the presentation, they mentioned that parents can come in on Fridays and read to the kids. OMG, I’m so excited about this. Of course, I had to stop myself from thinking about how many subversive books I can read before I get asked not to read anymore :). But I really do love reading out loud and when I can fit it in around my work schedule, I’m totally going to try to come in and read.

I’ve been thinking about Little Prince’s daycare a lot, especially since he’s been there over three years by now. There are some things I really love about it. There are some things I don’t like (the uniforms, the no home-cooked goodies). Overall I would say that I like his school enough not to be looking for other places to put him but I don’t love it. He’s happy there, he seems to be thriving, and has some very good friends in his class. And that’s what’s really important.

First nosebleed

It was almost bedtime. I turned away from Little Prince for maybe half a minute. When I turned back around his nose was bleeding. It had to have happened quickly because there was only blood on him and three drops on the costume bin that’s under the window. I have no idea how it happened, but I didn’t hear LP call out in pain or fall or bang into anything. I called Darius into the room as I was dealing with LP and he was just amazing. He sat him on his lap, helped him get his head tilted down and stay that way, and held the tissues to his nose. I quickly looked up what to do with a nose bleed and when to head to a hospital. LP was very calm throughout the whole thing. He wasn’t crying out in pain or upset at being held still. I think he was a bit freaked out. To help him stay still while the bleeding stopped, we showed him some videos on my laptop, mostly the minions songs from the Despicable Me series.

After about 10 minutes the bleeding had mostly stopped and LP had two good sneezes during which no blood came out at all. I took over the holding the child and pinching the nose closed with a tissue duty and after another few minutes there was no blood at all. We praised LP for being so brave, sat him on the potty (he peed! he’s getting so much better at that!), brushed his teeth, and got him into bed. I must have fallen asleep with him because Darius had to come in and wake me up.

So that was our first nosebleed experience. We’re sure it won’t be our last. And now we know when to take a kid to the hospital for a nosebleed and when not to.

Snow Day!

This morning when I woke up it had snowed (or something, well it had certainly weathered) overnight.

It snowed (or something) out

I checked and found out that all schools, and thus Little Prince’s daycare, were closed. I’d already informed my boss that this might happen. So we had a snow day. Darius had already gone into work, was only working a half day. I went back to bed and snuggled with Little Prince. We had a nice leisurely wake up. Little Prince told me he had to use the potty as I was brushing my teeth, so I missed getting him onto the potty in time (but he still wears diapers). When I did his diaper change, we agreed that we’d both say in pajamas all day. And we did.

We went downstairs and had cereal, bananas, and juice for breakfast. He put his vitamins at the bottom of his bowl of cereal and we had to find them. After we ate some, I let him take the rest of his cereal upstairs and I put on Lilo and Stitch so I could get some work done. It was his first time seeing it and he liked it a lot. I did my best not to quote the whole thing while watching it. The he asked to do his yoga DVD with me, which he actually did for about 10 minutes until there was a “bear” and he freaked out and just wanted to watch it with me.

After that we decided to make cupcakes. I took out the butter and eggs to soften, but realized there wasn’t the right kind of milk in the house and we were low on sugars. I asked Darius to pick up the milk and sugars on his way home. So Little Prince played by himself for a while while I got more work done. He even worked from home too.

Working from home, like mommy

We got to video chat with Tante for a little bit. Next thing I knew it was lunch time and Darius was home. Luckily Little Prince had some of a left over turkey sandwich from last night so I didn’t have to worry about making lunch for him. After lunch time, it was nap time. Little Prince actually peed in the potty, standing up no less, during his pre-nap diaper change. He fell asleep fairly quickly and I was able to get a lot more work done. Then he woke up. Darius tried to comfort him, but he only wanted mommy. So I went back into his room and we snuggled and he napped a bit more.

After nap, as promised, we made one giant cupcake. Okay, actually it was a cupcake shaped cake. And it took double batter, which I didn’t realize until we’d already made only one and put it in. LP was quite a help getting ingredients out of the pantry, mixing, and eating the batter.

Making a cake

And he helped me clean up too.

Cleaning up

 After washing dishes, his pajamas were soaked, so he switched to Superman pajamas.


Darius and LP watched My Little Pony together while I got more work done. Then they played for a while until I finally got to a good stopping point in my work.

By that time the cake was cool enough to decorate and even though I hadn’t used enough cake batter, it turned out that both sides were about the same size so it worked out okay in the end. Darius made dinner while I decorated and LP watched me. He picked the color for the “wrapper” part. I was done at the same time that dinner was.

Cupcake cake

Dinner was homemade chicken parmesan with pasta and broccoli and cauliflower. Little Prince chowed down on the broccoli (eventually the whole pieces, not just the stems) and the pasta and sauce. Toward the end of the meal he ask for some of the chicken. He NEVER asks for chicken. He declared it “yummy yummy in my tummy” and had several more pieces of chicken after that. Then we each had a small piece of the giant cupcake. LP thought it was so good that he licked his plate clean.

Eating cake Licking plate

It was way past bath time by this point, so we just did a diaper change, washed LP’s face and hands, and brushed his teeth. I read him some of the Richard Scary book we’re reading and nursed him for a while with the lights off. Then Darius took over to put him to sleep. He recently came out of the bedroom and is now playing Assassins Creed 3. I’m going to go do some yoga.

Superman Pajamas

When friends give you Superman pajamas, there is only one thing to do:

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