Last night was probably one of the worst nights we’ve ever had.

Darius was out for the night so it was a special Little Prince and mommy night. It started off just fine. No problems with pick-up from daycare, the ride home, making dinner or anything. Since he was being so cooperative, I even let LP watch an episode of Octonauts (his new favorite show) while we had our quesadillas. Then he had a juice pop for dessert and we FaceTimed with Bubbe until part way through his bath.

After that is when things turned ugly. While it was time to wash his hair and wash up, he decided that he had to throw every toy into the tub. I basically had to corner him to wash his hair and wash his body. He kept throwing toys up into the air and into the tub. It was hard to even get him to put them all back. I ended up pulling him out of the tub (after he was rinsed) without him putting them all back and not letting him back in it.

Then it was a fight about clipping his nails. He refused to let me do it, even though he’s been so good about it lately.

He was all over the place in his room for pajama time and then he didn’t want to brush his teeth with me. We were in the bathroom and he purposefully scratched me. So I put him in his room with the door closed. He started throwing things at the door. I let him know that I was going to brush my teeth without him and he didn’t seem to care, so I did.

My memory of what happened after that gets fuzzy. I do remember that he lost media time for today and tomorrow. Then he lost books. At one point I actually turned off the lights and held him on the bed tightly, but he was squirming and crying and said he really wanted to brush his teeth. So I brought him into the bathroom to brush, but he was so upset (and he wasn’t going to get his app that he normally uses, re: media time) that he had trouble brushing. Somehow he did brush a bit and then he wanted books. When I said no, he kept turning the lights back on. So when Darius got home, he found me sitting outside LPs room on the floor and the lights still on in LPs room. It was now almost an hour and a half since the bath was over. When I went to check on him (I was sure he was asleep by now as I hadn’t heard anything from the room in ages), he was just sitting on his bed staring at the door. He still demanded books and so I left him in there again and went to talk to Darius and take care of the cats. I was so angry and upset that I was almost in tears. I went back up and found him lying partially on the bed. So I turned off the lights, pulled him to me and held him. He cried and flailed and then I cried too because I was so upset and because at 8 months pregnant and with SPD, I can’t/shouldn’t be picking him up and hauling him around. With both of us crying and snuggling, he finally fell asleep snuggled against me.

Thankfully this morning and this evening/night were mostly better. We did let him know that if we started to have another night like last night, it was going to be a daddy and not a mommy night. We did have some trouble with him staying in his chair at dinner time, but things ran much smoother (or about as smooth as they always do).

I’m not really sure where all of this came from. I think some of it may be the normal 4/4½ year old boundary testing. Darius thinks it’s partially because I let LP negotiate/push back some when I think it’s a little thing and not worth arguing about, but to LP everything is a BIG thing so he can’t tell the difference. And I’m sure some of it is the fact that I’m pregnant and there’s going to be a baby in the house in (probably) less than six weeks. Whatever it was, it wasn’t pleasant and hopefully times like this will be very few and far between.