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Battle of the -Ups

Recently Little Prince has been trying out using the potty more often. He’s also gotten much more squirmy during the diaper change, even though we’ve been doing standing diaper changes for a while now. So recently Darius and I decided to switch over to diapers that LP can step into.

At home we just pre-snapped the bottom snaps of our pocket diapers, which allows us to pull them up just fine (mostly). Sometimes I do unsnap them right at the last moment and put them on as I would have before. Sometimes when pulled up they kind of get bunched funny and need to be unsnapped and refastened. But overall that works.

Little Prince’s daycare doesn’t take cloth diapers (I think I’ve mentioned this before, and how it’s really one of the only things that disappoints me about where he goes). So for there we had to switch from Pampers Cruisers, which we’ve been using very happily for a while now to either Huggies Pull-Ups or Pampers Easy-Ups. I’m sure there are other pull up style diapers from other brands, but we can get these two very easily. I looked online for comparisons, but I can only seem to find comparison blogs for the girls styles. And since the boys styles are different, I figured I’d write my own.

I’d like to make a quick note here that while I’m generally against the over-gendering of products that we have for children (why can’t I just see ALL of the shoes for toddlers in one place?), I understand the need for this product to be differentiated by sex, as it allows for specialized leak protection. I just wish the designs weren’t so gendered.

Pull-ups vs Easy-ups

So here they are side by side. The Huggies is on the left and the Pampers is on the right. Huggies got in bed with Disney first and so the Pull-Ups are all Pixar characters: Sully & Mike, Lighting McQueen & Mater, and Buzz Lightyear & one of those alien guys from the arcade. Pampers Easy-Ups has Diego with a soccer ball and Diego with dragonflies (with LP keeps calling butterflies). So for visual characters I think that Huggies wins this round…unless you have a child who is terrified of monsters and refuses to wear the ones with Sully on them. Which did happen for a while in my house. We can all thank Darius for trying to show LP Monsters, Inc before he was ready for it for that. The other problem with a variety of characters instead of one character in different scenes is that your toddler might start to insist that he only wants to wear Buzz Lightyear.

Both of the diapers have wetness indicators. The Huggies have the trophy and the Pampers have something, maybe soccer balls? Whatever it is, it is printed lighter than the Huggies which makes it harder to tell/use.

Pull-ups vs Easy-ups Pull-ups vs Easy-ups

Now let’s look at size. These are Huggies 2T-3T and Pampers size 4, which claim to fit about the same sized child (18-34lbs/16-34 lbs). Looking at the pictures of one on top of the other, we an see that the Huggies are wider and shorter and the Pampers are taller and skinner.

Pull-ups vs Easy-ups

Even with the wings (sides) pulled out, the Huggies is wider than the Pampers.

Pull-ups vs Easy-ups Pull-ups vs Easy-ups

Here is a side view of both diapers. Again, the hight difference is obvious, as the Pampers (on the right) comes all the way up to Cthlooloo’s head and bunches there. These pictures also note to other differences. Pampers is longer from the bottom of the diaper to the leg opening (a little harder to tell on the white-on-white Huggies, but it’s true) and Huggies have “easy-open” sides that work like velcro, where as Pampers do not.

Pull-ups vs Easy-ups

Huggies easy-open sides mean that you can open the diaper and close it back up again if you need to. Pampers you have to rip open to open them up and they do not go back together (unless you get out the glue…but with an active toddler you’d probably end up gluing the diaper to the toddler or your hand or a toy or…). While I thought I would like this feature in Huggies, I’ve found it often catching the side of Little Prince’s pants, so the diaper comes half way open as I’m pulling his pants off. Not exactly something I want to happen. However, it does make it easier to quickly take off a soiled diaper.

Pull-ups vs Easy-ups

Here are the two diapers opened up. Not sure if you can see that the middle bit of the Pampers is folded over more cause it is deeper, but it is. Also not sure if you can see how the Huggies opens easily and the Pampers is ripped open. One of the things you can see when the diapers are open is that the Huggies design is more visible through the inside than the Pampers design, especially in the back. This is because Huggies has separate Pull-Ups for daytime and nighttime where as Pampers Easy-Ups are for both day and night use. I only have the day Huggies because we’re still using Pampers Baby-Dry (not -Ups style) for nighttime. So daytime Pull-Ups are definitely more lightly padded than anytime Easy-Ups. Field tests confirm this as the only time in recent times that Little Prince has leaked through his diaper at daycare was when we sent a pack of Huggies daytime Pull-Ups. When we switched over to Pampers Easy-Ups, we haven’t had any leaks. Then again, Little Prince runs on the tiny and skinny side of the scale, so maybe it was just the dimensions fitting him better instead of the amount of padding.

So overall, I’d say that while I’d like to like/use Huggies Pull-Ups, I think we’ll stick with Pampers and use Easy-Ups. They fit Little Prince better, he doesn’t leak in them as much, he doesn’t show design preference as much, and so far they work well for us.

Great weekend

I keep wanting to write a “Little Prince is two and here’s everything he’s doing” post, but he’s doing so much and keeping us so busy, that I don’t have the time. For the record, at his two year check in, he weighed in at 21.8 lbs and was 31.75″ tall. Both numbers are in the single percentiles, but he’s still growing, following his chart, and blowing the major milestones out of the water.

Twenty-six months old

 Ok, now that that’s out of the way I can write about our last weekend.

On Saturday we got up late. We were going to go out to the splash pad, but we got moving so late that it wouldn’t have been worth it. So we go our grocery shopping done early instead. Then we came home, ate lunch and went down for a nap. I fell asleep with Little Prince for the first hour or so. Then he woke me up to switch sides. He fell back asleep nursing and then popped off still asleep after half an hour and stayed asleep for over an hour more. He slept a good 2½ hours, which is unusual because his normal weekend naps are about an hour and a half (maybe two if we are lucky).

When he got up, we headed out to his friend from daycare’s birthday party. It was at Inflatable Wonderland at the Mall. We’d never been there before but it was basically a big room with tons of bounce houses. Little Prince took to it like he was born to jump (he’s really into jumping on everything these days). He went right into a bounce area that was supposedly for “bigger kids.” All the other parents were like, “my kid is afraid to go in” and we had to say “well, this is his third time around these things so he gets them now.” He had a total blast at the party, he even got some of the older kids to help him climb up the ladders so he could go down the big bouncy slides. The only things he didn’t like was when the music was too loud and the shark head at the beginning of the Finding Nemo bouncescape.

Eating with Friends

Here he is with his friends B and A. They are not even related, but they look so much alike that after two years of seeing them I still have trouble telling them apart sometimes.

It was really great to chat with the other parents of LPs friends. Most of these kids have been together since they were really little (some since they were all about three months old), so they know each other so well that it’s great to see them play. And it’s nice to talk to their parents too. So I started an online group for us so we can post about playdates and stuff. Yay for connecting. Also I know that LP is very verbally advanced, but after seeing him with his peers, yeah…wow. Even some of the other parents commented on how smart LP is. :)

After the party was over, we got mall food (cause it was getting late) and headed home.

This morning we got moving somewhat faster and we did make it out to the awesome Splash Pad where we had a great time.

Splash Pad Splash Pad

 We remembered a ball and cups this time and Little Prince got right under the water without any hesitation. After about an hour in the water he wanted to go to the swings at the playground that’s right there. So we snacked a bit and headed over.

We grabbed food on our way home, ate, and showered. Then it seemed like LP was about to nap, but he nursed for a bit and then wanted to go downstairs. Then Ms. G and Mr. D showed up for a visit. He was so excited to show off. So guess who, after napping so well yesterday, didn’t nap at all today? But we had some downtime after our guests left by watching Wreck-It Ralph as a family. Then we played for a bit, FaceTime’d with Grandma R, and had dinner.

After dinner we played outside with the neighbors and I got to see our newest neighbor who was only 4 days old! So cute! Then inside for quick bath and after that we had meltdown I-didn’t-nap toddler time, so we skipped teeth brushing, went straight to nursing and LP fell asleep super quickly, which gave Darius and I a little bit of extra hangout time.

I should also mention that LP peed in the potty quite a few times over the weekend and has started asking for diaper changes more often. So we’re moving in the right direction, but nice and slowly, at his own pace.

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