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Six months!

Darius and I have officially survived over half a year with a tiny human being in our care! While this beats my track record with plants (let’s not talk about my poor plants), it is not any where near our record with animals (the cats are over 7 years old!).

Six Months Old!

Our Little Prince continues to grow and develop in amazing ways. At his sixth month check-up last Monday he weighted in at 15.75 lbs and was 25.5″ tall. That’s in the 20% range for height and weight so he’s nice and proportional. His head is in the 10%, up from being in the 6%! The pediatrician said he looks “perfect.”

Lately he’s been flipping over from belly to back, sitting on his own for ages, and yesterday he pulled himself into standing at daycare when he was in his crib. This is his favorite game:

When we showed it to the pediatrician she said that he was “freakishly strong.” ~Big proud mama grin here.~ Our midwife said one of her sons was like that and became a light weight wrestling champion. I just tell LP that he can’t play for the Falcons.

He’s also babbling more and more. He’s started saying, “Dada da da da da.” Not a “ma ma” in sight. This makes Darius happy. 😛

Over the weekend he enjoyed sucking on an apple that I was eating, so we decide to try solids.


We started with sweet potato on Sunday night. He was way more interested in putting his hands in the food than in trying to eat anything. When I tried to give him the spoon with some sweet potato on it, he kept his mouth mostly closed. When I did get him to try a bit, he made a funny face. He liked chomping on the spoon, though. We tried again on Monday and got pretty much the same result. Our verdict is that he’s not quite ready for solids yet and we’ll try again in a week or so.

Mmmm...spoon much better than sweet potato.

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