Two weeks ago during the Centering Session, I had to take the one hour glucose test. It involved drinking a nasty tasting (but not syrupy or carbonated, thank Goddess) orange drink and then an hour later having my blood drawn to test for gestational diabetes. It was kind of awful but I didn’t feel all weird sugar-issues-y like I do when my hypoglycemia kicks in.

The next Wednesday I get a call from the midwife as I’m about to leave work. I failed the one hour test and have to go in for a three hour test. However, she reassures me that many people who fail the one hour pass the three hour and even if I do fail the three hour, I’ll just have to go to a doctor and adjust my diet but I can still deliver at the Birthing Center.

The Wednesday after that (last Wednesday) I went into the Birthing Center at 8:30am for my three hour glucose test. I had to fast since midnight the night before (insert Gremlins joke here). The nice nurse took my blood and then I had to drink another orange drink, this time with more sugar. If I drank too much of it at once it burned the back of my throat. I got it down in under 4 minutes (I had to drink it in under 5). Then I had to sit in that chair for a bit because my stomach didn’t like the drink at all and I had to wait until it settled.

I stretched out on the couch in the waiting room and tried to play on the internet (the Birthing Center has wi-fi!), but I started having the trouble focusing on writing problem that I get when my blood sugar takes a serious dip and I was very tired, having stayed up until 1:30 the night before finishing a book. I ended up taking a nap until it was time to take my blood again. At that point I was awake and the eyes focusing problem had gone away so I spent the next two hours playing around on the internet, writing blog posts, laughing like crazy at Pregnant Chicken’s Best of Baby Shower Cake Wrecks and going in twice more to have my blood drawn. After the last blood draw I finally got to eat the cheese stick I’d been craving since the second hour and then I met up with my friend Meg for lunch.

On Friday I got a call from the Birthing Center that my test results came in and I did not have gestational diabetes. And there was much rejoicing!

Yesterday I had another Centering session. During my private portion with the midwife, she told me that while I did pass the test, some of my numbers were just at the cut-off point or slightly above. So, while I don’t officially have gestational diabetes, I do need to watch what I eat and I should cut down on fruit, sugars, and white bread. I’m already working on snacking better and I’ll just have to get even better for my and the baby’s health.