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Hello Third Trimester

Friday was the start of my third trimester. If Stree was born today (~knocks on wood that he’ll go to term~) there’s a really high percentage chance that he’d live. Wow.

I swear we’ve been having some growth spurts in the last week.

Belly at 27 weeks 2 days Belly at 27 weeks 2 days Belly at 27 weeks 2 days

Stree’s been more active lately, or at least I can feel his activity more. His kicks have gone from what feel like gas bubbles to more like little thunks. Darius still hasn’t felt him more than that one time. He gets shy whenever others try to feel. Already my shy little mama’s boy :).

There’s still a lot to get done and welcoming in the third trimester with a cold wasn’t exactly what I had in mind. It still doesn’t feel real in many ways. When I think about Stree, I mostly think of him as an abstract concept or I think of him as the kicks I’m feeling. I’ve yet to really think of him as a little person yet. But one day he will be. As River Tam said in Heart of Gold, “Who do you think is in there?” I have no idea right now, but I know I’ll meet him soon.


Some new and exciting things happened this week.

Darius and I at 26 weeks and 1 day Darius and I were out shopping over the weekend and I got my first stranger asking me “When the happy occasion is.” Yup, strangers now notice that I’m pregnant without me having to subtly call attention to it (not that I’ve been doing that…).

Went to a wedding of a friend over the weekend and I finally got a picture of Darius and I with me looking cute and pregnant. :)

I also had my first someone giving up their seat to me experience. I was in DC this week and was on the Metro at rush hour with my uncle. It was standing room only, but a woman in front of me noticed I was pregnant and had another woman who was seated behind her get up and give me her seat. The woman who gave up her seat actually apologized for not noticing earlier, even though there were so many people on the train that she couldn’t have seen me anyway.

I think I’m starting to get Braxton-Hicks contractions. Everyone once in a while my lower belly gets tight in this rolling way. It kind of feels like involuntarily tightening your abdominal muscles, starting with the lowest ones and working slowly up to the next set of them. So it’s either B-H or the baby hanging out really low and pushing with all his body.

And in the new, but not exciting news, I caught a cold in DC. First time being sick while pregnant, which SUCKS. It especially sucks at night because it’s harder to toss & turn and get comfortable with a big belly. This led to getting very little sleep one night. It also makes airplane travel loads of fun.

Pregnancy and Scoliosis

I have hereditary scoliosis. In high school I had to wear a back brace. So far the only effect on me this has had is that my back started hurting sooner than the average for pregnant women and it finally forced me to go see a chiropractor (something I probably should have been doing for years anyway).

What’s more interesting to me is how much being pregnant is reminding me of wearing that back brace. I have extra weight I’m caring around every day. I have to buy new/different sized clothing. I can’t bend forward at my waist. And I can’t breath as deeply as I naturally want unless I really focus on it. I guess I’m kind of glad that I had to go through all of that with the back brace so I know how to adapt to these sorts of things.

Morning edit: In thinking about it, the three main differences between wearing a back brace and being pregnant are: 1. Can still be easily tickled when pregnant, 2. The belly doesn’t rip through clothing the way the back of the back brace did, and 3. I can’t take off the pregnancy when I go to sleep.

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