Belly at 23 weeks 4 days My belly is growing like crazy this week. On Monday Darius met me for lunch and I swear the belly grew between leaving the office and returning from lunch (and it wasn’t just eating a lot of food). I’m really looking pregnanty now. Yay! I’ve figured out why pregnant women rest their hands on their bellies. It’s because we can’t put our hands on our hips anymore because our hips have disappeared.

Also on Monday morning, Stree was being active before we got out of bed, so I had Darius put his hand on my tummy and he actually felt something. He said he felt a very faint movement, like a gas bubble, which is pretty much what it feels like from the inside too. I’m sure he’ll be feeling (and seeing) stronger movement before too long.

In Athene is pregnant and gets to complain news, have been to the chiropractor 3 times and back is feeling slowly better (most of the time). Of course the chiropractor is expensive, even with insurance, so boo. Also the dumb Flex Spend peoples want and EOB for the Birthing Center because it could be covered by insurance. Hello, I sent you the contract with the payment stuff. It says that I have to pay X amount over Y visits after insurance. Must call them Friday because am teaching all day tomorrow.

Body wise, my back hurts on and off (see above paragraph). Yoga was canceled yesterday cause instructor was sick. I’m having pains in the front part of my pelvis which my chiro said was round ligament pain, but I’ve been reading about those sorts of pains on the internet and now I’m nervous I have something worse, so I’ll call the Birthing Center on Friday and see what they say. Basically it hurts right under my belly if I move to fast or get up to fast or pull one leg up to put on pants, etc. And to make things more fun, last night at 1am my left leg got a muscle cramp (normal for pregnancy) and at first it wouldn’t release. It finally released somewhat, but it still hasn’t totally released. And I taught all day today. Which meant standing and walking around.