Over the weekend Darius and I had our first Centering appointment at the Birthing Center. Centering is a program that they have where a group of us who are all due in the same month have our prenatal check-ups at the same time and then we get to sit together with our partners and discuss issues, questions, etc with the whole thing being overseen by a midwife or two. Due to starting at little later with the Birthing Center, we’d missed the first session. This was okay though as there were 2 other couples that were also new to the group, and apparently there were a few people who’d either dropped or couldn’t make it that weekend.

When we got to the Birthing Center, I had to deal with one of my worst fears: being forgotten. Somehow, even though I had it on my schedule, they had forgotten to put me in the Centering group, so my chart and stuff wasn’t at the location where the Centering was happening (the BC has two locations). Luckily everyone at the Center was supper nice and accommodating. They just looked me up on the computer (hurray for modern technology) and took notes during my individual appointment that the midwife said she’d just add to my file. They also made sure that I was definitely on the list for the next session.

I was glad to have some one-on-one time with the midwife (i know that’s how this Centering thing works, but it’s still nice), so I could ask some personal questions and get some reassurances. Also, Darius got to hear the baby’s heartbeat live for the first time; 150bpm, a nice strong heartbeat that the midwife had no trouble finding this time.

I was worried that since we’d missed the first session, I’d feel left out, but the group was really nice and welcoming. We mostly talked about changes that we’re going through, exercises we can do, holiday travel, and dealing with family and with people who are negative toward our choice of using a Birthing Center. It was a really great experience for both Darius and I and I’m looking forward to our next session.

The only thing that did make me feel a little left out/behind is finding out that there is an online group for the May Moms that I’m not a part of yet. Apparently they are having lively discussion there and planning events and parties on it. However, I left our email addresses with the administrative person before we left the BC so w should be getting invites to it soon. If I don’t hear anything by tomorrow, I’ll call to remind them.

Lastly, when we were there we scheduled our 20 week (well, 18.5 week due to holidays) ultrasound. If Stree cooperates, we’ll find out the sex during that appointment. So excited!