At the beginning of last week I wasn’t showing at all. I just looked like I had put on some weight around my middle.

For the past week or so, I’d been feeling round ligament pain, which mostly feels like cramping or tugging in my uterine area.

On Wednesday I was feeling it often, but trying to do my best to hide it while teaching a full day of class. By Thursday, I felt like I was showing just a little. My pants, many of which were starting to feel tight, were definitely feeling tight.

Belly at 15 weeks 6 days

By Friday I was pretty sure that I was showing at least a little. I even had confirmation of this from a co-worker; and when I popped by the training class, someone even mentioned that while on Wednesday I didn’t look pregnant, on Friday I did. Yay!

Belly at 16 weeks 1 day

Yesterday I went out shopping with TMR for maternity clothing. Got a pair of jeans and two sweaters from Old Navy. Tried stuff on at Motherhood Maternity as well, but nothing really worked well from there. By using the simulate-looking-really-pregnant-with-this-pillow thing that they have in their dressing rooms, I figured out that my current long sleeve shirts should work for a while longer. I figure that my regular pants are still mostly working for now (hurray for preferring low-cut pants), so I’ll get more as I need it.