Sometimes you read something, even just one line in a book and it can have a profound effect on you. I’m currently reading Birthing From Within on the recommendation of a few friends. I am in the middle of reading the section on home births and the author said that if one is planning on a home birth, it might be better to think of is as laboring at home and then, if everything goes well, the birth can be at home but if it does not, then the birth can happen in the hospital. It was like a light went off inside my brain. I’ve been talking to people about how I’m going with a birthing center but I understand that I may have to move to a hospital. Secretly though, I think I’ve been afraid of that move and how it would mean a failure on my part or some such. This simple statement has completely changed how I see things. Now I’m going to think of it as laboring at the Birthing Center and if all goes well I’ll give birth there, but if I then need to be moved to a hospital, it will be easy to accept the midwife’s or my own judgment about it.