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pregnancy dream

Had my first dream about pregnancy last night.

Darius and I were in a room getting an ultrasound done. There was a big TV monitor that they were projecting the images from the ultrasound. I saw a picture of the baby’s face. At first it was a generic round baby face. Then I turned to the ultrasound person and said something like, “So, it’s a boy.” The tech asked me how I knew and I said something about the baby’s face looking masculine. When we looked at the TV screen, the face had morphed into a more adult face that looked something like Darius’s, but with my nose.


I am 11 weeks pregnant!

I know that you’re technically supposed to wait until the first trimester is over, but I just couldn’t wait to tell people anymore.

I’m due May 20, 2011. No, we don’t know the sex of the child yet, but we’re pretty sure that it’s human, which is a good start. Right now I’m just hoping for 10 fingers, 10 toes, and no tail (well… a tail would be cool… but probably not the best idea).

I’ve had a pretty good first trimester. No morning sickness, but some burping and cramping and a touch of spotting, all of which are perfectly normal. Also am tired and have to pee all the time and occasionally irrationally cranky, angry, weepy, or all of those other fun emotional things that go with wacky hormones.

Currently I’m calling it Stree (get it?). I had an ultrasound a few weeks ago and got to hear Stree’s heartbeat. It sounds a little distorted cause I recorded it by holding my iPhone up to the computer speakers and used the Voice Memo app.

I got to see it too. The tech gave me a copy of one of the pictures:
Stree at 7w

It’s head is on the left. The two little brighter lines to the right of the head (after the neck space) that look like a butterfly are its heart, which I could actually SEE beating. Of course being over three weeks later, it’s supposedly much bigger now. My app tells me that this week it’s the side of a fig or a plum or something.

I’m going to be a mommy in just over 6 months. Holy shit!

On Birthing Centers and Insurance

The other week, Darius and I toured the Austin Area Birthing Center, which is amazing and lovely and has birthing tubs and birthing stools and you generally get to go home 6-8 hours after having your baby. We loved it and after talking to the midwife, they believe that I’ll be a good candidate for it.

Last night we went and toured St. Davids Maternity Ward and came away with the same conclusion: it is a nice place if you are looking for a “normal Western” birth or if you have any major high risk complications, but it is anything but for us. The woman giving the tour even looked at me funny when I asked about birthing stools.

So this morning I called the Austin Area Birthing Center and made my first appointment with them for next week. So excited!

Just got off the phone with my insurance company trying to get a Gap Exception so that my insurance will help pay for this whole thing, because of course while the doctor who works with AABC is in-network, the facility is out-of-network. In fact, my insurance company doesn’t have any birthing centers in the area in-network. The first time I called, I was talking to a very straight-forward knowledgeable woman who understood how this whole thing worked and it was all going along smoothly, until she needed a bit of information that I didn’t have…so I had to call AABC to get it and then call back. The woman I’m currently talking to is very nice, but doesn’t know what she’s doing very well. She had to start the whole form over again once because she was filling it out wrong in the first place. So I hope that she got it all right and that I’ll get approved. ~crosses fingers~


Symptom 1: HUGE BOOBS!!! No really. Went with Darius to Vicky’s over the weekend for new bras. Came home with a bra that was 2 cup sizes larger and one that was only 1 cup size larger, but it runs large. No wonder my old bras weren’t working so well…

Symptom 2: Tired. OMG! So tired all the time. Well, not all the time, but often. Growing a life form is hard work and exhausting on the body.

Symptom 3: Round ligament pain. Random mild cramps as the uterus gets ready to stretch. The less jerky movements I make, the less I get this. Makes orgasms not so much fun. :(

Life Form Detected!

Last week I had my first nurse visit where they took my medical history and then sent me for blood/urine work (fun fun!).

Tuesday I had my first visit with my OB and Darius came with me. Most of the visit went really really well. I like this OB a lot. She’s reading the Dresden Files too (any dr who’s reading the Dresden Files and knows what Tetris is is OK by me!). She said that I chose a good set of prenatal vitamins :). She also gave me a bunch more information. She told me that my numbers look good, and that all of the tests that were supposed to come back positive came back positive and all the tests that were supposed to come back negative came back negative. Yay! She was also totally cool about me listing that I had other partners and wanted to know where they were and if they’d be involved at all. She also noticed my pentacle necklace and said, “I noticed your star. Are you involved with any of the circles around town?” :)

I was very upfront with her about wanting to have a natural, possibly water birth, and that I was interested in the Austin Area Birthing Center. She said that she was okay with that and that the only thing she doesn’t like are people who are wishy-washy and can’t decide or who try to use her services and another’s services without telling her. She agreed with my plan to do a tour of her hospital and of the AABC and then make a decision. She also said that if I decided that I did want to go with AABC and then there was a major complication that they couldn’t handle, that if she could, she’d try to take me back, but she couldn’t guarantee that that would happen. I was glad that she was honest with me about that.

I had told the nurse the Friday before that I had started randomly spotting, but it was all pretty light. When the Dr went to take a look, she noticed the blood instantly and when she went to go take a sample of tissue from my cervix, it started bleeding the moment she touched it (which is NOT normal). So she took some more samples to see what is going on. She said a bunch of stuff that I don’t remember exactly cause hello, legs in stirrups. Something about it possibly just being yeast and something about pH balances getting wacky with pregnancy and then something with a name that I don’t remember that has to do with interior cervix cells moving to the exterior area (apparently they can do that). Well, she’s going to run the tests and tell me what’s up. But it actually made me less worried because now I know that they spotting is coming from the cervix and not the embryo.

Yesterday I had my first ultrasound to check everything out, especially cause of the spotting I’ve been having. Went in for the ultrasound and they put that goppy stuff on my stomach. But the tech couldn’t see anything cause my uterus is still tilted to the back (which is what the OB said the day before too when she felt around for it). So I went pee and then they did the internal ultrasound instead (you can’t see anything with an internal u/s if you haven’t gone pee first). The baby is in there and it’s normal looking. I got to hear it’s heartbeat. The moment the u/s tech played it over the speakers, I just teared up. That’s my baby’s heartbeat. Then she let me record it: stree_heartbeat_7w. It sounds a little distorted cause I recorded it by holding my iPhone up to the computer speakers and used the Voice Memo app.

I got to see it too. It’s was average length for 7w5d, which is exactly where I thought I was based on when I ovulated. The tech gave me a copy of one of the pictures:

First Ultrasound

It’s head is on the left. The two little brighter lines to the right of the head (after the neck space) are its heart, which I could actually SEE beating. Amazing! That’s my baby. I still don’t think it’s hit me yet.

Official due date is now May 20, 2010! Still not telling many people because there is still a risk of miscarriage, but that risk has gone down now.

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