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Vom time

Had my first experience with running to the bathroom to throw up this morning. Darius and I decided to go to Kerby Lane for late breakfast this morning. Instead of bringing my premenstrual vitamin with me, I decided to take it at home on an empty stomach. Was okay until after ordering when I started to feel kinda nauseous. When the food came I had about 5 bites and then took off to the bathroom. Almost didn’t make it. When I came out of the stall, the older woman washing her hands asked me if everything was okay. I mouthed “I’m pregnant” and got that knowing smile. Went back to the table feeling a million times better and was able to eat all of my delicious delicious food without a problem. Yeah…so for next time, bring the vitamins with me and take them with the food.

Oh, and Darius was really sweet. When I said I was feeling nauseous and better hoof it to the bathroom, he actually asked me if I wanted him to come with me. Not that I think he’d have been allowed in the ladies room anyway, but it was sweet of him to ask.


It’s official. Heard back from the Dr’s office today. I am totally 100% scientifically pregnant. And my “numbers look good.”

Have an appointment with a recommended OB. But I’m also really interested in the Austin Area Birthing Center and they have their own staff. I think my current plan is meet with OB and see what I think of her and if she likes my hippy birthing ideas and also meet with the AABC people and see what I think of them. If I like the AABC people better, I can always get my paperwork x-fered over to them.

Now to figure out all the rest of the stuff.

As always, please don’t tell anyone you haven’t told already. Gonna do my best to keep quiet about this until my 1st trimester is over and we’re “out of the woods.”

so far

This early pregnancy thing is weird.

First of all, while I am 95% sure that I am pregnant, no period, lots of pregnancy symptoms, etc. I am still waiting for the doctor to be 100% sure. This means going back to the clinic by work and getting my blood drawn again. This is to test the change in the amount of the pregnancy hormone.

Second, because I spent so long waiting to see if I was going to get my period, I still keep checking to see if I got it every time I go to the bathroom. I think it’s kind of habit after all those years. After a certain number of days past last period, check for new period. Also I’m checking for blood because that’s a sign of a miscarriage and i’m really scared that i’m going to miscarry.

My pregnancy symptoms are really tender breasts and nipples, being tired a lot, frequent peeing, and mild uterine cramping. All of these are normal early pregnancy signs. The cramping does freak me out a bit, but since it’s centered and not sharp, it’s seems like it’s the normal early pregnancy cramping. Oh the cramping is aggravated by orgasms. I masturbated the other night, was having this fantastic orgasm, and then OMG lots of cramping pain! Also sex the other night was good and orgasms were light and fine until the very end. So, no sexy times for a little while cause of the ouching. No fair!

What’s really strange is that I haven’t had any nausea at all. There were a few times where i thought i was getting nauseous, but then i told myself that i wasn’t and i really wasn’t. Knowing me and how easily I can feel nauseous/throw up, I’m really surprised about this. ~knocks on wood~

Cimmy and I are already coming up with silly baby names. Well, basically we just looked at this list of words that end in “king” and pulled the best ones. So far I like Frolic, Merry May, Strea, and Vi. Actually, I’m calling the little thing “Stree” or “Little Stree” in my head cause it’s naked. Get it? Get it?

Edit: Also, I’ve had a craving for cheese. I usually can only eat one thing of string cheese at at time. I went through 4 of them in under an hour yesterday. Oh, and when grocery shopping, I almost got some yogurt. I don’t even like yogurt.

I’m so bad at keeping this a secret, but I’m really trying to. So other than family, you all, and my best friend at work who guessed, no one else knows. Please help me keep it that way until I give the okay.


Went to the Dr. She sent me to get blood drawn today and then again on Monday to verify the reading of the home test. She also really liked my “Can’t Stop the Serenity” shirt. Apparently her husband is a huge Firefly fan.

Guess What?

I’m pregnant!

I had a feeling about it this month. I was trying not to get my hopes up, but I took a pregnancy test this morning and it less than a minute it said “Pregnant.” It was one of those digital ones, so no mistake about reading it.

My ovulation test read positive on August 27 and Darius and I had sex on the 26, 27, and 31, so conception had to happen some time around there (I love the Free Menstrual Calendar app for the iPhone. Seriously). I got sick on Sept 1 and had a fever on Sept 1 & 2 and this cough that is finally going away. But that can be a sign. Also this past week I’ve been totally exhausted and randomly feel asleep while on the couch a few times.

Actually, I first thought I might be pregnant for real about two weeks ago when I was cooking dinner and I felt warmth on my lower abdomen. I was cooking in front of the stove, but I’d never felt the heat from it like that in all the times I’d made dinner on that stove before. Then on Monday when I went out to get the mail I felt that same warmth from the sun. Of course by that time my period was already a few days late and my breasts were starting to get sore.

I was going to wait and take the test on the weekend, but I was fretting about this all week and I knew I just couldn’t wait. Today is day 42 of my cycle and 18 days past ovulation and everything I read said that the home pregnancy tests are about 95% accurate at this point in time. I was actually nervous this morning and almost chickened out of taking the test because what if I wasn’t…or what if I was. But I did. It really did take less than a minute. I actually watched it flip from blinking to “Pregnant.” Then I told Darius . He said, “It’s too early in the morning for me to deal with this.” Ok, so springing that (even though we were trying) on the husband first thing in the morning when he’s in the middle of his shower and half awake probably wasn’t the best idea, but I literally couldn’t wait one second once I found out.

Of course I’ve been thinking about it all day. I’m already in love with the little thing, even though it’s probably just a tadpole right now.

I’m about 5 or 6 weeks, so please please please don’t tell anyone (significant others excluded) just in case something happens. ~knocks on wood and prays that nothing does.~ I’ve told my family already and have an appointment with my GYN this afternoon.

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