Two months and a milk donation

On Thursday, Young Sir turned two months old!

Two months old!

Darius and I took him to his first pediatrician appointment that afternoon. He weighted in at 12lbs 2oz and measured 22.75″ tall. Gaining and growing so quickly! After LP who was always in the single percentiles, it feels very different to have a baby who is in the middle to the top of the charts.

The many faces of Benji Boo

The pediatrician pronounced him perfect. She said that the spitting up is probably just him overeating a bit with some small reflux, but nothing to get worried about or medicate. Just keep him upright if possible. She also said that if I think that bad diaper rash was due to peanuts, I should just stay away from peanuts for a while. No problem with that here. YS passed his hearing test with flying colors. He didn’t like getting his vaccines (just two this time), but he didn’t seem to hyper-react to them either, which is good because I’m a hyper-reactor.

Working on that head control

YS at two months is having more awake and smiling periods. He loves to look at lights. He’s also starting to get some really good head control. He’s not a huge fan of the car seat if he’s awake and/or if the car isn’t moving much. He’ll fall asleep easily in a wrap. If I can put him asleep in the swing, I can sometimes get him to nap in there for a decent amount of time. His favorite place to sleep is still on someone and if I try to separate myself from him in bed, he will wake up quickly, but he’ll sleep for a few hours at least if snuggled next to me.

I was very full that morning, 10 oz in 10 minutes. A matched set, mommy and Benji

On Friday morning I was super full and pumped 10 ounces in 10 minutes! I got YS and I dressed in cute milk related shirts and was going to go make our first donation to the Milk Bank (I was approved as a donor a few weeks ago), but then it got late and traffic looked bad. So today after dropping LP off at daycare and both YS and I getting alignments done at the chiropractor, we headed down to the Milk Bank and made our first donation. We donated over 100 ounces. That will help a lot of little babies!

Making our first donation to the Mother's Milk Bank. Over 100 oz!

Making our first donation to the Mother’s Milk Bank. Over 100 oz!

The women there cooed over YS and were all very nice and happy to see us. But I think next time I’ll use a drop-off point that’s closer to home/work/daycare.